No Other Industrial Coating Company In The Country Delivers The Precision, Skill, And Turn Around Time That We Do At H&W Global


H&W Global Industries is an industrial coating services company specializing in metal pretreatment, passivation, anodizing, powder coating, and painting.

We are also a problem-solving company, offering specialized services in painting, plating, finishing, assembly, and special packaging. From the finest plating solutions to process control, H&W Global Industries consistently utilizes the most current technology and resources to maintain and deliver consistent top-notch quality to each one of our clients.

H&W Global provides industrial coating services to a broad range of clients and industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, mining, nuclear and medical. Our 40,000-square-foot facility is state-of-the-art and accommodates parts of various sizes depending on the process selected. All of the processes we provide meet industry-accepted standards (for example, MIL, ASTM, SAE, etc.). We want to talk to you about your needs and unique specifications, no matter what they may be.

Anodizing Services Anodizing Services

H&W’s industrial hard-coat and soft-coat anodizing services provide proven process-control allowing us to deliver the highest levels of anodizing quality and consistency.
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Metal Finishing Metal Finishing

H&W provides a variety of metal pretreatment services including mechanical preparation, pickling, conversion coatings, passivation, black oxide, zinc phosphate, and zinc plating.
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Poweder Coating and Painting Powder Coating & Painting

H&W Global offers powder coating and painting services that are proven effective against corrosion protection and give our clients high quality results that exceed industry standards.
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Metal Parts Customization Metal Parts Customization

H&W Global provides a range of high quality customization services ranging from industrial graphics, to laser engraving, to custom paint masking, to utilizing Heli-Coil® threaded inserts.
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What's New?


Our Community

H&W is always growing, learning, and networking. We will be attending the NCDMM (National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining) Summit 2017, and we are looking forward to Johnstown PA's Showcase for Commerce 2018.


We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new LASER ENGRAVER.
Laser Engraver