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Customer Testimonials


Wondering what our clients have to say about us? Here are some testimonials that demonstrate our commitment to top-notch industrial coating and anodizing. We hope you’ll agree that reviews like these make it clear -- you should contact us for your next project!

“H&W always goes above and beyond to meet our needs. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to all. Always a pleasure doing business.”

Tom Parks, President
Talbar, Inc.

“H&W has been a long time supplier and we highly recommend them. We have a dynamic business relationship and continuously learn and improve by our relationship.”

Bill Hughes
Progeny Systems Corporation

“We provide complete part finishing requirements, anodizing, metal pre-treatment, and coatings, in partnership with our exclusive supplier H&W Global Industries, Inc., the regional leader in finishing technologies. We trust H&W for their unsurpassed quality for our high precision and specialized parts.”

Melissa Fluharty, President & Owner
APEX CNC Swiss, Inc.

“I've worked with H&W for almost 15 years and their commitment to excellence has always blown me away. We’ve recommended many of our clients to H&W for their plating and painting needs.”

Kevin Hartford, President
Alle-Kiski Industries

“I love everything about this company, from the wonderful staff to the incredible work they do. The staff always helps to accommodate us in our times of need. I can’t say one bad word about this place. Always enjoy swinging by to see all the great people that work there. GREAT JOB! I would recommend this company to everyone.”

Abby Stutzman
JET Aerospace

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