Hard Coat Anodizing Aluminum

H&W Global

Hard Coat Anodizing

  • MIL-A-8625 Type III
  • STP 58-206 (Code 200O)

H&W Global offers a hard-coat anodizing service that is most commonly applied for mechanical strength, and give an abrasive resistant coating. The hard-coat procedure (MIL-A-8625 Type III) has the same tank setup as soft-coat, but is run at a much colder temperature of 32 degrees F. This is because the direct current (DC) power that is applied during hard-coating is significantly higher at 30 to 40 amps per square foot (ASF), generating more heat than soft-coat anodizing. In general, these coatings range from 1.0 mils to 2.5 mils.

Careful consideration should be given when using the hard-coat anodizing process on highly-stressed parts, because of their marked lowering of fatigue performance, as well as on parts with sharp corners and edges where chipping is more likely to occur.

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