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Research and Development: Ongoing Innovation

H & W Global was born out of innovation – and we continue to invest our time, talent, and resources in it. We offer anodizing and industrial coatings improvements that provide superior metal protection for many different industrial and military components.

Research and development is vitally important, because we always want to stand out and stay one step ahead. We’re constantly working to bring new coating technologies and new finishes to our clients!

More about our Research and Development efforts and how we solve common challenges:

  • We test new formulations on our own mini-line.
  • Our research aims at providing safer alternatives that do not compromise performance.
  • We leverage alternative chemistry and customizing formulations.
  • We begin by identifying the function of the coating, including clearance control, wear/corrosion resistance, and other factors. We also examine environmental and production impact, including corrosion, temperature, and operating environment.

The right solution improves product life, reduces cost, amplifies performance, and mitigates risks. That’s why our company works hard towards a single goal: developing next-generation coatings and applications that solve the performance problems our clients face every day.

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