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H&W Global's powder coating services span commercial and industrial applications. Since the early 1960s, industrial powder coating technology has developed into a viable alternative to liquid coatings by combining economic and ecological advantages. Powder coating services are solvent-free and comprised of various synthetic resins, pigments, and special additives for a high-quality surface finish. Our powder coating is available in a large selection of colors, and offers excellent corrosion protection. The quality coverage of our powder coating system provides consistent finish characteristics, without runs or sags. Readily available resins can provide a combination of desirable characteristics, including durability, resilience, and high gloss, as well as resistance to wear, corrosion and weather. Textured finishes can even be used to hide material imperfections.

Industrial Powder Coating Services
Industrial Powder Coating Services

In contrast to liquid coatings, powder coatings do not contain solvents. Powder coatings are typically applied with electrostatic spray guns or in a tribostatic process, then "melted" in an oven and chemically cross-linked at substrate temperatures of between 160 and 200°C. The resulting coating has thermosetting qualities, meaning that in contrast to thermoplastics, heat is not able to soften it after curing. We also provide masking and plugging that is fully customizable to fit your needs.

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