BR-127 Priming

H&W Global has years of experience successfully applying BR-127 Primer.  Our process meets or exceeds AMS-3107 military standards.

BR-127 is a modified epoxy primer, yellow in color, that has been used in practically every commercial aircraft that has been built since the mid-seventies when this primer was first introduced.

BR-127 priming is used to inhibit corrosion on metal parts. It provides excellent bonding with nearly all film adhesives, with optimal structural performance at temperatures ranging from -67°F to 300°F (-55°C to 150°C).

BR-127 requires careful preparation of metal surfaces. This may include deep cleaning, etching or sometimes anodizing as specified by customers. Extra care is also necessary in packaging and handling finished parts after priming.

The actual BR 127 coating is applied in very a thin mist, barely measurable compared to other metal finishes.

H&W is highly experienced with the entire BR-127 priming process. H&W measures and records humidity, oven cycle temperatures, and BR-127 storage parameters. We control the environment of our facility to exacting standards, ensuring humidity never exceeds 50%.

H&W also ensures that prepared substrates are coated within process specific times. We precisely measure coating thickness to ensure process compliance. We guarantee the results of our work, and can help our customers determine the best and most cost-efficient preparation and packaging solutions. Custom masking services are available as needed.

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BR-127 Priming at H&W Global meets or exceeds stringent military standards, including:


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