CARC Painting

H&W Global is proud to be one of the few firms in our region to be a Certified Applicator of Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) painting services for military clients.

HW Global CARC Painting is a precisely controlled process, applied with a series of proven process-control inspections. Two- and three-component CARC paint systems (e.g. epoxy or polyester-based) are available.

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) painting is a chemical-resistant, protective metal coating, most often used on parts manufactured for the military, but also specified in certain aerospace, medical, nuclear and industrial applications.

For example when a tactical vehicle is exposed to chemical or biological agents, it must be decontaminated, often with highly corrosive cleaning agents. The metal parts of the vehicle must be able to withstand chemical or biological agents as well as repeated decontaminations. CARC Painting provides this protection, and at the same time it reduces the IR (Infra Red) profile of the vehicle.

H&W’s industrial CARC services include the following steps: racking, cleaning, painting, sealing, unracking and packaging. Each can be customized for your specific metal and desired coating type.

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CARC Painting at H&W Global meets or exceeds stringent military standards, including:


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