Proud to Support Our Troops

H&W Global provides CARC painting and other highly specialized metal finishing services required for metal components used in the manufacture of weapons, troop transport vehicles and other items needed in the U.S. defense industry.  Recently, however, staff at H&W Global had the opportunity to provide a very different kind of support – care packages.

A friend of H&W Global is now serving in Kuwait.  Since employees were hoping to send some gifts to the soldiers over Christmas, he suggested that there were some specific items the troops did not have and would appreciate.  Based on the list he provided, H&W went shopping for things like nuts, peanut butter and crackers, granola and protein bars, coffee K-cups, hot chocolate, high quality bath towels, razors, and much, much more.  Our staff then assembled individual care packages, boxed them and shipped them to soldiers of the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade in Kuwait.  As requested, we even sent ant traps and fly strips. (You never know what you’ll need in the Kuwaiti desert.)

Our friend sent us a heartfelt note of appreciation, together with the U.S. Flag that flew over the 28th’s Headquarters at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Task Force Anvil of the 28th conducts aviation operations across 12 different locations in five countries.

The flag and its accompanying certificate have been framed and both now hang in our corporate hall way. Please look for them the next time you visit us at H&W Global.  We deeply appreciate this honor, and we are all extremely proud to support the men and women who faithfully serve our country.

Appreciation Plaque sent to HW Global from the Men and Women of Task Force Anvil, Camp Buehring, Kuwait